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#SadhuNails Boards with Movable Nails
We have combined the oldest traditions of standing on nails in combination with modern technologies and materials. When creating a board, we use a unique (patented) technology - the nails are "recessed" into the frame firmly and after that they return to their original place. Under load, the nails have a vertical stroke, due to which they come in contact with the foot more closely and anatomically. "Hard" pressure points are removed; the entire surface of the foot receives an even workout.
The board consists of two parts, one for each leg, thus when combined, the nails are hidden in the opposite board. The result is a beautifully designed object, convenient both for carrying and storage.
We produce boards with galvanized and copper nails.
The board material is birch. We apply varnish to the finished product. Sadhu Nails boards are hand-made using laser and woodworking machines.
SadhuNails board is like a restart function on a computer.

After practicing on nails, you reboot. You reset to zero. And then you start to live more energetic and more productive.

Old programs have been removed, the cache has been cleaned, updates have been installed ... Performance goes to a new level!
The practice on the #SadhuNails board in Prague. 29th of August 2020

The feeling of relaxation is not the presence of a certain "state", but the absence of tension. You can feel it on the #SadhuNails Boards.

And notice that the pain during the practice on the nails is just the presence of a certain tension that passes after 6-10 minutes.
Specifications of SADHU NAILS boards:

■ Compact boards size (Oval form - 39х16х5)
■ Board weight - from 1.45 kg to 2.4 kg (depending on the spacing between the nails)
■ Different space between nails (8, 10 or12 mm)
■ Made of natural wood - birch
■ Soft entry into practice because of dynamic nails
■ You can choose your own design of the board (color, type of nails, pictures on the board)


... on the nails, there are times when the flow of thoughts stops...

The concept behind our renowned Sadhu Boards has long existed before modern times. The "Fakir Sandals" were footwear designed to test the limits of Buddhist practitioners to increase their endurance to pain in attempts to help them achieve the state of "Nirvana".

At @BritishMuseum

1870s India

Husain Anas / gives us a look behind the scenes of his life-changing Sadhu practice, with important relevance to mental health. He further demonstrates the benefits of the nail boards in this video.
Nails are a tool for working out your inner state. You get up on the board in different states... after practice, you get off the nails always in the same state.
The practice on the #SadhuNails board in Prague, Havlicek Gardens. 2020

On the #SadhuNails boards internal dialogue stops in minutes. Understanding that pain and discomfort is a sign of a transitional state. And the fact that they are conditional and, with the right approach, are manageable. And all emotions, thoughts, a chaos of the outside world are illusory, like a holographic universe.
Life distracts our attention all the time; and we don't even have time to notice how it happens.
Practicing on nails will help bring your attention back to your body, to yourself.

Relaxation of the body on nails begins from 6-8 minutes when you already cease to concentrate your attention on the feet, and calmness, confidence, and relaxation come to the fore. This does not mean that the first minutes are useless. The impact on the body occurs from the very first second when your feet come into contact with the nails.
Feedback from Claudio after first practice on the nails
Hi Sergey, I had a nice experience with the Sadhu board.
I admit that for curiosity I tried to practice a bit yesterday and this morning and I was able to stay on the nails not more than 1 minute. This evening I tried with the meditation you sent me and actually I could make it till the end. I was surprised. And actually I could have stayed more than that. I like the way of how I could observe my body sensations from far.
Once I put the feet on the floor after the session it was very painful. I still have a bit of pain under my feet but I'm happy of the result.
Thanks for sharing the meditation and for following up with the shipping of the boards.
... 4 years of practice, intermittently.

Can say that the attitude towards myself and people is changing after nails practicing. For me the most powerful meditation on the nails))

This summer I stood on the nails, it seemed to me not possible before, but with the nails life became much more interesting))) 10 mm between nails it's like for relaxation ...

Nails are clearly shows where the blocks are in the body, clogged channels, what needs to be worked on ...
#SadhuNails board with Zinc + Copper nails

Who is the nail practice for?⠀

■ Great for yoga practitioners. You can add nail standing in between workouts.

■ Do you train in strength sports or endurance sports? Standing on the nails after your workout will relax your body and energize you for new achievements. Also, the Sadhu Nails Board will be useful for runners. Nails relieve stress from the feet well.

■ Do you spend a lot of time in business and at work, are you nervous and sit a lot? Standing on nails is good for calming the mind and removing muscle blocks in the body.

✨Standing on nails will help in your development.

Build your inner self with your own Sadhu Nails Board.

Focus within yourself and manifest your growth towards a healthy body and resilient mind.
Dialogue with our trainees...⠀
- Alexander, can you, please, describe in a nutshell the result of yesterday's practice, when you and Irina stood together on the nails? What did it give you and Ira?⠀

- Well, specifically, Ira was finally able to overcome and overcome herself and her fears. Without me, she lacked determination and strength, and looking at me she felt power and confidence and could do it. Accordingly, I somehow felt the male power in myself more clearly. Nails puts everything on the shelves. At some point, we felt how our energies intertwined. We kissed each other and rejoiced, it's like a simulator of reality, that if we were able to overcome a difficult situation here on the nails, then in life we will solve any problems . Very positive experience in general, we were delighted.

Before practice on nails, for example, you are relaxed on 65%⠀

After practice (30-40 minutes on the #SadhiNails board), a person becomes relaxed on 85% ... and, accordingly, with the disappearance of physical blocks, additional energy is released.⠀

That is why, before practice, you need to have a clear intention... You must be aware of where you want to spend the additional resource of energy that you will receive after nails...⠀
Board with the nails Sadhu Nails Board Sadhu Board
#SadhuNails board is a tool for raising mindfulness.
2 weeks ago, my student came to me for the second practice on the nails in his life. He is a musician (He Sings, Plays, Composes, Teaches)

After completing the 2nd practice on the #SadhuNails board, I asked him – " How did you feel yourself 1 month ago after the 1st practice on the nails?"⠀

After the first practice, my student went to play football. And his body just wouldn't listen to him. He couldn't take the ball. He couldn't jump and run as usual. He didn't even score a goal in an empty net=) Let's analyze "what nails do with your body". ⠀

Imagine that my student was relaxed on the physical level on 6 out of 12 before the first practice. And after the 1st practice on nails (30-40 min), he received a message of his feet. The muscles of the feet got a relaxation + other muscles in his body also received relaxation through the myofascial chain (while standing on nails, the muscles that are located behind also relax – calves, back of the thigh, buttocks, lower back, back, neck). The body at this point gets into a state where the muscle clamps are removed. ⠀⠀

After the first practice on the nails, the index of muscle relaxation of my student became as much as 9 out of 12, for example. He was very good at playing football when he was on 6 out of 12, but when he got to 9 out of 12 after the nails standing, his body was just not used to being in a new state for him (without muscle clamps). Therefore, his body seemed to have come out to play football for the first time =) ⠀

In his case, he just needs to train his body again to move effectively being more relaxed after practicing on the nails, and enjoy life without clamps.

Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself
Frequently Asked Questions
🧐Question: Can you please elaborate more about the focus on what I want to achieve?⠀
Imagine that now your body is relaxed on the physical level on 6 out of 12 before the first practice. During practices on nails (30-40 min), you receive a message of your feet. The muscles of the feet get relaxation + other muscles in your body also receive relaxation through the myofascial chain (while standing on nails, the muscles that are located behind also relax – calves, back of the thigh, buttocks, lower back, back, neck). The body at this point (when you are on the nails) gets into a state where the muscle clamps are removed. ⠀

When clamps are removed from your body, energy flow will circulate better in your body.⠀

After practicing on the nails, the index of muscle relaxation already will be 9 out of 12, as an example.⠀

Also, during a practice on the nails, you are in the here and now moment. All 100% of your attention on your body... on the feelings that you receive from the nails.⠀

🌀To summarize. After practicing on the nails, your body will have fewer muscle clamps and better energy flow. Your attention will be clear (will be disconnected from the past and future points).⠀

💭And you need to decide, where do you want to spend an additional resource of energy ... to what do you want to connect your clear attention...⠀

🧐Question: Yesterday I edited the last part of the Episode and (again) came across something you were saying in your voice message. You said: "That there are 3 levels of collaboration with the nails. After 30-40 min you reach the 3rd level". "The Third Level is when you work with your attention." What does that mean? What exactly are you or can the client do while on the 3rd level? Do you mean doing the meditation you provide for example? Or how can he or she work with the attention during the 3rd level?
Answer: Everything we see around us is finite energy. Human beings, the physical surroundings, the cosmos, and everything included – is energy.
Our attention is also limited, the challenge that most of us face is that our "attention" is divided. It is scattered and it is also called the "monkey mind phenomenon".

Let's say we have 10 units of "attention/ focus" with us in our day, they are divided between:
(Hypothetically, let us assume the following)
3 units of our attention are spent on communicating with people.
4 units of our attention is used for thinking about the past and the future.
1 unit of our attention is spent on social networks.
1 unit of our attention is spent on physical activity.
1 unit of our attention is spent on eating food.


When we stand on the nails, where is all our "attention/ focus"? Right on the nails!
100% of our attention is on the feeling we get while standing on the nails. Our body goes through a powerful stress response from which different emotions come on the surface. While we are on the nails – we are completely in the present moment. The here and now.
And when we have 100% of our attention available to us, we can choose to focus on what we want, the most important areas of our life, etc. There is no botheration about the thoughts of the future or the past.

During the practice, energy starts to flow as knots and clamps are dissolved at the physical and the spiritual level. Leaving us with an additional energy that has started to flow.

And after practice on the nails, you have an additional resource of energy (because in your body clamps were removed and energy flow goes better) + 100% of your attention with you.

Now the question is – where do we want to focus? What are the most important areas of our life? What is the most important thing in this moment for you?
Each #SadhuNails Copper Nail is unique and made on a special machine from the 100% Copper
❗️You won't find such nails in hardware stores❗️
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